Friday, February 29, 2008

BeRM Magazine 1994

Anthony Reyes bike testing a Redline, cover BeRM Magazine, 1994

Barspinner Ryan & Anthony Reyes bike testing a Redline, BeRM Magazine, 1994.

S&M ad, BeRM Magazine 1994. 

Moeller. Subscription page, BeRM Magazine 1994.

Thanks to Alex Leech for the scans!


Anonymous said...

it was BERM magazine. it's an "e"-hard to tell. I LOVED DOVER r.i.p.- when hippy designed the "cliff jump" we all laughed-when he built it more of us cried. best jump evver(period). Also mag was run/owned by later bike manufacturer Chris Hoffman(CCH frames/forks).


Ryan Partridge said...

Thanks for pointing that out SD, I fixed it. I typically update this thing early in the morning so I don't always catch everything.

Anonymous said...

i love your site ryan-even though i feel old sometimes readin it-it pumps me up that i lived through most of it. i moved to costa mesa in '90-began building SHEEP in '91. What a looong strange trip it has been- ill try to contribute some stuff for ya-keep it up!!